Pfft!  200 Grams!  200 grams is enough to irritate and motivate you all over again in one go!  Halfway there – that is the sound of relief!  It also gives a whole new meaning to:  “believe you can and you are halfway there”.

Halfway there

In celebration of my *near* milestone, I thought of sharing the milestones I will be working towards from here.  In chronological of course.

  1. Halfway Mark
  2. 6 Weeks pregnant with Oliver weight
  3. Two thirds of the way there                                             >> By the 3rd week of November
  4. Day before Logan’s birth weight                                     >> Must be here by the end of the Year
  5. 30 Kilos Before 30

 Do you reward yourself for milestones achieved?  What is your go to reward?

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