I am a diary snob!  The thought of buying a diary or planner for 2016 is pretty overwhelming for me.  Generally it entails going from book shop to book shop scouting availability and coming home feeling less than fulfilled.

The honest truth is, we don’t have very many options in South Africa!

And while I love the options available online, our sorry South African Rand doesn’t make buying a planner online a viable option.  At least not for me.

Here’s why:

  • LifePlanner:  $50 (Planner) + $20 (shipping) = $70
  • The Happy Planner:  $25 (planner) + $47 (shipping) = $72

With our current exchange rate of ZAR14.19 to 1 US Dollar.  This pretty planner will cost me R1030.00!

Diary Snob’s guide to a 2016 Planner or Diary

While I know it is total madness, I will still drool in planner-heaven and share my favourite picks with you – because I am nice like that!



Diary Snob | Passion planner

 Tip:  Worth a mention, the creators of Passion Planners will allow free downloads of their planner from the 20th of November.  Use it, don’t use it.  I’m checking it out!!


Watch the video and drool!  I did :)

Diary Snob | Lifeplanner



This one is the most affordable option of all.  I really like the brightness of the diary and I love that it is infused with positivity.

Diary Snob - Every Day Matters


This one is more for the scrapbook lovers.  I’ve given up on scrap booking.  But I still really like it!  I love the typography!  I think the ring binder effect makes it super easy to add to do lists etc.

Want to see what I mean?  What the video..

Diary Snob pick | create 365 the happy planner

I suppose you are wondering what my solution to my very big problem is.  To be honest the perfect solution, is to create my own!  While I did create a home management binder last year and a couple of years ago, the truth is, it is pretty hard work.  Right now I don’t have the capacity for it.  So this year I will settle for a store bought alternative to the above.  A moleskin.  Next year’s a different story.

On that note, I have a little confession.

I am a moleskin Virgin

Yup!  I’ve never owned or used a moleskin diary.

I have started my shop scouting activities.  I have felt the pang of disappointment.  But (1) I haven’t done enough scouting to know for sure (2) I’m passionate and relentless in my search (3) I will never give up!

Having said that, I think this year it may be time for me to find out what the whole moleskin craze is about.  Besides, I love Peanuts!

MOLESKINDiary Snob - Peanuts Moleskin

Have you bought your 2016 diary or planner?  Which one?


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7 thoughts on “The Diary Snob’s guide to a 2016 Diary or Planner”

  1. I had the Peanuts Moleskine this year, and the Lego one last year. I have used the “week to a view” on the one page and notes on the one next to it by Moleskine for years. In fact, it is not so much Moleskine, although its a bonus – it’s the format that I love- and do not seem to find elsewhere.

    1. I have looked around a bit and I think I may go for the day & blank page next to it. I have a feeling I will focus a lot more on journaling in next year!

  2. Hi Alet, I am so exited to see Im not the only one on the planner wagon! Could you please mail me your contact details so that I can contact you in this regard! Thanx

  3. This might sound dramatic, but this blog post is like a breath of fresh air (after I was drowning in too many US-based planner websites!)

    So so happy to see other South Africans also interested in Planners. I’ve been obsessed with the Erin Condren products ever since I found out about it (yesterday!) and the cost to get it sucks.

    Another thing that I find very interesting is that their (US) department stores like Walmart and Target, which is the equivalent of our Makro and Game; sell pretty good planners for a reasonable price. South Africa really needs to up their game.

    What did you end up settling on? And for 2017?

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