My greatest discovery so far, this year has to be the bullet journal.

Towards the end of last year I did what I always do and thoroughly conducted researched to find the perfect diary.  I called myself a diary snob because nothing conventional I found in the shops satisfied exactly what I wanted or needed in a diary.  I made some really good discoveries (like The Happy Planner)  and found some excellent resources for goal setting (Passion Planner)!  At the end of my investigation I declared myself a Moleskine virgin and decided to opt for their Peanuts diary.

By the time, I was ready to purchase the said Peanut diary, they were pretty much sold out.  I was devastated and thought I would have to settle for a conventional diary. Thankfully I decided to browse the offerings per foot, in the shops and eventually I found a diary that matched my theme for the year!

After spending a stupid amount of money on the diary, I discovered the bullet journal system.  Now if you haven’t heard of the bullet journal system, watch this video by the founder, Ryder Carroll:


I’ve you’re as hooked as I was, go ahead and read the full backstory by clicking here:

My Bullet Journal

I haven’t posted about my bullet journal or bujo for short, mainly because I was still trying to find my grove!  But after seven months, I am sure it is about time I share a bit of it right here.

Bujo Index
Bujo Index
Bullet Journal goals
Bullet Journal Goals
Bullet journal monthly spread for January and a Habit Tracker
Bullet journal monthly spread for January and a Habit Tracker
Bujo - Scripture for my boys
Scripture for my boys
6. bullet journal and failed tracker
Failed Habit Tracker for the month of Februrary
Bullet Journal Washi tape and daily log
Bullet Journal | Playing with Washi tape and fancy cursive writing in my daily log
March Bullet Journal Daily Log
Trying a weekly version for a habit tracker
bujo and keeping track of Logans school results
Keeping track of Logans school results and goals for the coming terms
Bujo April monthly overview calendar style
April monthly overview calendar style
Bujo May monthly view and forex and travel
May monthly overview and inspiration for travel
Bullet Journet | French bulldog in my face
May Daily log and a French bulldog in my face
Playing with patterns
BUJO | Me playing with pretty patterns
Oliver's turn to plays with patterns
Oliver’s turn to plays with patterns

I’ve used the bullet principle at work and at home and it has really made a difference in my day to day tasks.  For some reason, when I write something down, I tend to follow through on the task, some days go by and I have (should have and hadn’t) written anything down and that is okay.

The system is forgiving – note my failed tracker.  The system allows me to try something new every day.  Really, it suits my personality!

For my second Bujo, I bought a blank visual art diary from my local art store.  Partly because I want to try and finish my second journal by the end of the year, partly because I want to try the blank pages before I purchased a dotted journal for the new year.

Second Bullet Journal Future Log
Second Bullet Journal Future Log

2016 - the year I replaced my diary with a bullet journal

 Have you heard of a Bullet Journal?  Have one?  Share all your tips and tricks with me, below!

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20 thoughts on “2016, the Year my Diary was replaced with a Bullet Journal”

  1. I used to take one of those 5 Dirham notes for lunch money every day for one of the 3 years we lived in Dubai. It bought me a chicken mayo sarnie, a chocolate milk, a pack of 3 Ferrero Rafaelos and a pack of 3 mini orange cakes….
    I’m keen to check this out as a productivity planning/tracking system!

  2. I’ve heard of it but I haven’t started. I decided to use my 2016 diary and start bullet journalling in the New Year. I’ve already planned out what I will be tracking and writing out in my bujo.

    I love your creativity and am enjoying checking out your blog.

  3. I have done exactly the same – bid my old diaries farewell in April and am now using a Bullet journal. I am still finding my groove but have settled on a weekly format after many different options. Also have a work one now . And am loving it. Will blog soon about it too

  4. I try but can’t find the prefect system with bullet journaling. Next month, december, I’m going to try the most simplistic system. That’s because of my very complex system right now.

  5. Hi, found you while searching for South Africa and Bullet Journals. We have started a “Bullet Journal Group for South Africa” if you are interested in joining on Facebook. just search for this: Bullet Journal Group for South Africa

  6. I love your blog , i am glad to see that the planner struggle in South Africa isn’t only felt by me. its so sad to see pinterest and instagram of the planner hype and we have nothing here. i too have my own Bullet Journal that i set up and the excitement of starting a new month or week is real hahah. i have taken my Bullet journal book and placed it in a Filofax which works so much better for me to go flip through the different sections

  7. This looks like something teenage girls would be excited to do or people with a lot of time on their hands. Is there a bullet journal with pre-printed headings and sections that can be filled in daily weekly and monthly? I am not remotely artistic and would lose interest very quickly in constantly having to create headings, indexes, different colours, icons etc. The concept sounds useful though.

    1. It does take a bit of time. The European/US market offers clear stamp kits, which sounds pretty cool. I’ve noticed dot grid journals helps a lot, because you don’t actually need to measure out the blocks.

      Lately, my bullet journal is pretty plain, mainly because I’ve busy with exam preparations, etc.

      Let me know if you’ve tried it?

  8. I am looking for dotted journals. Take alot have but there all A4 sizes is that to big, is the blank pages going to be easier then??

    1. I have searched high and low for quality dotted journals without paying shipping to import from overseas. I took the plunge at the end of 2016 for a 2017 and purchased an expensive moleskin dotted journal and I am super happy with it. But honestly, I’d rather have a blank journal than a lined journal.

  9. I have just started my bullet journal, so this post caught my attention! Do you still use the bujo system? Have you changed the way you do things since you started? I must say that I am struggling to get into it because I am a bit afraid of messing up! (strange to say!) I think I must just dive in and get over myself ;) I would love to hear any extra tips you have for a first timer… or perhaps a follow up post? :D

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