A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post, saying I didn’t see myself as a blogger.   In the same week, I received an email from a lady in Cape Town asking for advice regarding her studies.

Why I write

As it turns out, these instances got the thinking about the real reason I write, as well as the reason I think you should write…

I write to add value and give advice

I love writing to add value to other people’s lives, the thought of making a difference is exhilarating.  The thought that I could tell someone something along the way that really makes a difference to the decisions they choose to make or not make really excites me.  Far too often we struggle on the unknown path and asking advice along the way, makes all the difference.

I write to read see how far I’ve come

Often times I ‘get stuck’ in a rut where I think I’m going nowhere slowly.   It feels like I’m struggling with the same thing over and again – sort of like a new year’s resolutions!  This is when I need perspective!  Perspective in terms of time and ‘distance’, the perspective that shows you what you battled with 3 years ago!

Blog Archives provides that platform for me.  I can compare my feeling and fears from five years ago with my current reality.  Consciously and subconsciously see where I’ve overcome fears, had breakthroughs and destroyed demons I didn’t know I faced.

The opposite is also quite possible, sometimes I feel like the mountain I am facing at the moment is the end of the world.  In those instances seeing what I have successfully overcome, gives me the courage I need to push through.

I write to keep track of my life

I have a friend who has the memory of an elephant, I am totally envious of the fact she can remember details, such as what I was wearing when I met her 13 years ago.  If I’m  lucky I can remember the name of the gynaecologist that delivered my son in 2011.

I am really bad at remembering small details.  But because I do have the ability to write, I can recount the details of every experience I choose to remember.

Do you write?  And if you do, why do you write?

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2 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Write Down Your Thoughts”

  1. Totally LOVE this post. I also am really bad at remembering small details. I doing the blogging thing to document my child’s life. Now I’m doing it to teach what I have learned.

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