Logan came home with a school report card that had me infuriated.  The first thing I noticed was the 2 he got (out of 7) for his Afrikaans creative writing and the 1 he got for English listening and speaking.

I was furious!

After going through his school report thoroughly I noticed he actually did remarkably well!  His average was the same as the last two semesters.  If it hadn’t been for these two items mentioned above he would probably have gotten an overall distinction!

Here’s what I read between the lines:

  • Adding more activity to his schedule has lead to him thriving!  Logan and I started Capoeira in this semester.  Three hours of Capoeira a week.
  • Having dad around more often has made a huge difference
  • Giving him more space & responsibility has had a great impact.  For the first time, he was a little more accountable for what he needs to do, schoolwork wise – this has had a positive and negative impact.
  • His medication is working.  I needn’t worry.  And we must just hang in there.
  • my kid is growing up and maturing.  Learning life lessons along the way.  (And it is happening a little bit too fast for me)

Logan Courage

Action plan for his next school report:

  • Bedtime.  He needs to go to bed earlier on the evenings we don’t have Capoeira.  I have noticed (especially this week) that he is tired the morning after Capoeira.
  • We need to focus on his story writing.  I wasn’t a big reader.  Logan isn’t either – but thankfully unlike me, he is naturally good at reading.  He battles to write 10 sentences, to him this is the biggest punishment ever.  And I need to focus on making the mountain a molehill.
  • Sugar is a no-no.  We did a little one-day experiment with Logan and it worked beautifully.  Now I need to find ways to incorporate it into his diet without making him feel like we are depriving him.

I am proud of Logan.  I am glad hope he has learned this lesson, but I am sure weeks and weeks worth of extra creative writing will remind him!   Mostly I am grateful that he has proved to himself that he is capable of much more than he ever believed.


Have you received your child’s school report?  Was it like opening Pandora’s box?

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5 thoughts on “3rd Term School report card | Logan”

    1. Isn’t it always the kids that don’t fit in the box?

      But you know what Laura, there is something so special in them. Kids like Kiara and Logan will be the ones who will push the boundaries and bring about change.

  1. We were extremely proud of their report cards – and very thankful especially L’s as that is always a can of worms. The other two I know will do good. A actually managed an average of 95% – I was a bit shocked to be honest

    1. 95% — Well done A & C!

      So pleased little man L did well as well!

      Their victories are somehow always sweeter than my own!

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