A week ago I participated in the A21 #WalkforFreedom.  I haven’t writted about the experience, because I thought it would write one combined post with the pictures from the walk and the Traffick Wise  course I am doing this weekend.  It turns out, the first evening of the Traffick Wise course has given me more to write about that I had anticipated, but more on this later!

Photos from the Pretoria A21 Walk for Freedom

The walk was held on Saturday the 15th of October around the world.  Social media buzzed with images the whole day, check it out by searching for #walkforfreedom.

Locally an artical and images are available on the North Coast Courier.

Here are some of the picture from the Pretoria event.  Photos were taken by Elaine Louw, Frans Hanyane and Lorraine Swart.

We walked from The Glen High School to Garsfontein Road, left on January Masilela, down to Atterbury road until we got to Menlyn Park Shopping Centre and back to Garsfontein.  We ended the walk at the new Menlyn Maine Shopping Centre for the group photo.

@a21 Pretoria #walkforfreedom

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We walked in a single file with taped mouths and arms crossed behind our backs.  It was both powerful and drew the needed attention we hoped to attract.  Like I said in my previous post, we can no longer ignorantly thinking that is happening in other African countries or abroad!  It is happening right here, in Pretoria!

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The red cross, points to the fact that we are #NotforSale.  The campaign is also related to human trafficking awareness – humans are not commodity and should not be exploited as such.
Walk for freedom Pretoria


A21 Walk For Freedom



You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say, you did not know.  William Wilberforce

human trafficking awareness #walkforfreedom

At first I found walking in silence a little awkward, until I became quiet in myself and saw what we were really busy doing.  As much as the fight against human trafficking is a physical fight, it’s much bigger in the spiritual world.  The enemy is sowing fear, guilt and shame.  It is time to put it to an end!

Save the Date

The date has been set for next year, will you join us for the 2017 A21 Walk for Freedom?

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