August and Me


needing. a vacation, a break.  the beach, sea-breeze and sand between my toes.
watching. The Blacklist (and loving it)
listening.  The new Have It All album of Bethel Music – my favourite songs are: Be Enthroned; Pieces and Spirit Move.  David Crowder and Hillsongs Young and Free
dreaming. about a future, time with my kids, a house of our own.
feeling. deeply.  And I am mostly okay with that. 
craving.  closure and resolve and a healed heart.
eating. chocolate covered pretzel sticks
drinking. Apple flavoured Green Tea
working on. my degree.

contemplating.  my goals for the month of August

Accomplishment of the month

I have managed to abstain from coffee for two full weeks this month.  Now if you are a cup or two kind of girl, then I get that this isn’t really an accomplishment.  But if your beverage of choice and staple is coffee – this is a serious milestone.  I have incorporated coffee in my diet again, but I am trying to limit it to a cup or two and green tea for the rest.

Out and About

The month has been quiet for the most part…

  • Dinner and a dodgy pub with my bestie
  • A heart to heart with a lovely lady that has been through a tough time, divorce, raising two daughter by herself, recently retrenched and thriving.  Dreaming.  Working hard.  Planning and definitely going places!
  • Logan had their annual boxcar derby at school and I was super impressed with the schools organisation, the creativity of the kids (and parents) and the general pleasantries.

August the Good

  • The Lion & Bear Project is slowly making progress
  • Worship week at church
  • A business breakfast that left me filled with hope and inspiration
  • A boy Schnauzer that found a new home with us.  The kids are thrilled and Brutus, the Basset seems well pleased as well.

August the Bad

  • Oliver’s Bronchitis
  • Car trouble.  We’ve had a bit of wear and tear issues on the car, including a fan belt,  a water-pump and an alternator bearing.
  • Never ending Telkom issues – my intermittent connectivity issues became full blown no connection and it has been two weeks of fighting – without any luck.
  • Tight deadline, at work and with my studies

August the Ugly

  • The ugly cry and trying to keep my emotion in tact instead of, all over the place.  I should allow myself the grace to be all over.

Coming Attractions

Bethel Music SA Concert

Who is happy for the start of Spring?

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2 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the ugly | August and Me”

  1. Oh gosh – I love Spring ! Always a fresh new start and much happy around. I get the feeling that your goods really outrun the bads – glad you seem to be doing well

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