The lifestyle challenge is a little initiative I put together in last year to overcome some of the coping mechanisms that became destructive behavioural patterns in my life.  Because August is my birthday month, it is a great opportunity to revise and put a plan into action to change some behaviours.

August Lifestyle Challenge

Here are my Focus areas for the month of August

Every month for 12 months you need to consciously decide to follow a couple of actions to achieve intentionally living.  You will do so by working toward breaking destructive behaviours by implementing new and improved habits.

1. Nurture – nurture yourself in a new and unique way

I don’t faff.  I don’t do fancy morning or evening beauty rituals.  Because I have naturally curly hair, there is no need to stand in front of a mirror and blow dry my hair.  And gasp… I apply my make up in the car, on the way to work.  If I am very honest, even waxing/ plucking and tinting my eye-brows are a bit of a task that needs to be added to a to-do list and always lags behind.  So nurturing myself definitely isn’t a top priority!

For the month of August, I will focus on nurturing my hands and body by applying hand and body lotion, daily.

Hands Nurture lotion

2. Step out of your comfort zone and do something bold or out of the ordinary

Life is doing me a favour on this one.  The 1st of September is the closing date for the practical course and practicum that will when completed successfully, allow me to meet the entrance requirements to write the board examination to become a psychometrist.  A goal I have been working towards since the middle of 2008.

Because of the limited number applicants accepted for the course, I will need to try and arrange my own practicum.  Which sounds like a simple task, but trust me, it isn’t…  More on this when I have had the courage to do what I need to do.   

3. Find something productive or creative to do – something that will positively change your life

It really sounds like I am cheating here, but I promise I am not.  Applicants for the practical psychometry course need to write an entrance exam.  There is no scope of work for this entrance exam.  In other words, I will be both productive and creative in my attempts to prepare for the entrance exam.

comfort zone

4. Form a new habit

Using a habit tracker will be the habit I hope to form for the month of August.  You will only really know what a habit tracker is if you are familiar with bullet journaling.  A habit tracker is a tool used by to track your habits in your bullet journal.  Okay, so it isn’t exactly rocket science, but it is a really good way to track your goals for the month if you remember to update the tracker.

I successfully used a habit tracker in January last year and then got completely derailed.  This time will focus on creating a mini weekly tracker, mainly because I can’t be bothered to page back to the monthly view.

habit tracker

5. Reflect and become quiet. Find time to be comfortable with yourself, alone.

I really want to commit to waking up a little earlier every morning to have some alone / reflection time.  But I have to be honest, this sounds like another habit I am trying to form.  So for now, I will simply make the commitment to have an alone coffee date once a week, with myself.

What are your goals for the month of August?

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