There is nothing like a birthday to remind you of the looming birthday milestone that is now officially less than a year away!  I will save the birthday post for another time.  For now I would like to focus on my progress for the month of August and goals for September.

Goals for August were:

  • 13 x Gym work-outs 13 Work outs on the dot
  • 10 x walk the dogs –> I managed 6 walks / runs
  • Try to bake something banting friendly –> I meant to be adventurous, but alas all I managed to bake were the banting seed crackers.  They were delish, consumed by children and adults alike in a matter of days.
  • Submit a whole bunch of unisa assignments.  I’ve submitted 2 in the months of August and another 2 in this week.
  • Take progress photos –-> I took photos on the 8th and 27th of August
  • Have one date with my husband  K and I had the day to ourselves on the 29th of August – we had  breakfast and went to the cinema

All in all a very good month goal wise.

Kilos, Centimeters & Comments:


Kilo wise I am a little disappointed – I’ve only lost 1.5kg.  I have done a bit of introspection and I have come up with some reasons / excuses / explanations / areas for improvement for myself as follow.

  • I have stopped my weekly weigh ins at Weight Watchers.  It was bound to stop the WW at some point in time, I mean it is pretty pointless to attend a class where I do exactly the opposite of what they preach.  I did have the support & accountability of the group leader.  Which to a certain extent is what I am missing at the moment.
  • I have stopped keeping my food diary.  Yes we plan a weekly menu and so I still have an overview of what we’ve been eating.  But the actual documenting of all the things I have eaten on a said day has sort of fallen away.
  • FAT vs Protein.  Mid August I came to the realisation I was getting hungry a lot quicker again.  Around the same time I noticed I had reduced my fat intake and increased my protein intake.  It really is a post on it’s own, but I think it plays a crucial part in why my results are less than satisfactory.
  • CARB Day!  My birthday was declared a carb day.  Plain and simple.
  • Chocolate – even 85% dark chocolate


I lost a total of 15 cm overall loss for the month of August. (Much better)

Comments (Exercise Etc)

  • I have fallen in love with Pilates.  I can feel myself getting stronger and that’s an amazing feeling!

5k Runner App

  • One of my 30 before 30 goals is to run a 5k.  So naturally with the looming milestone I decided I mustn’t waste any more time.  My cousin recommended the 5K Runner App.  One of the things that I like about the app is that I can still track and record my run with the Nike + app while making use of the 5K Runner app.

September Goals

  • 13 x Gym workouts
  • 12 x Run-Jog-Walks (enjoy the sweet outdoor smells)
  • Focus on the Fat in Low Carb High Fat
  • Document – document – document. (4-30Sep)
  • Progress pics | Measurements | Consistent Weekly Weigh in
  • Submit a whole bunch of UNISA assigns (timeously)
  • No Carb cheats, not even on Oliver’s birthday!
  • Take more photos


How was your August?

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