One of my favourite apps are called “My Weight“, it was recommended by Sharon from Blessed Barrenness.  Sharon’s #Fat2Fab journey has has been an incredible inspiration in terms of banting; lifestyle changes and weight-loss.  If it weren’t for her progress – and I waited s-i-x months to “see” how it worked for her – I would probably not have tried banting for myself.

I started using the My Weight app before I started banting.  I downloaded it when I joined Weight Watcher.  Every time I had my weigh in, I would walk to the car and update my app – and it is something I simply continued doing during my banting journey.

The “My Weight” app will graphically show you how my weigh-loss journey has changed since I changed from Weigh Watchers to a Low Carb High Fat, Banting lifestyle.

When you downloaded the app, you complete your details and select your metrics.  An overview along with your body mass index; progress and target date is displayed on a dashboard/ home screen.  Whenever you’ve weighed yourself, you simply enter your new weight and your history (second pic) is stored and updated.

My Weight App

The Graph tab at the bottom is my favourite tab (Geek Alert).  Who doesn’t like a lovely little graph?

Banting VS Weigh Watchers


Even though I started using the app in June, I recorded my Jan 2014 weight as starting point.  The green line represents my progress while I was eating according to the Weigh Watchers principles.  My target date was March 2016.  The red (latter) line represents my progress while banting.  The good news is that Weight Watchers works, if you have an enormous amount of patience.  If I keep going the way I am going at the moment, I will reach my goal weight in May/ June 2015, nothing thrills me more than knowing my goal is within my reach.

One of the hardest things when it comes to weight-loss has always been the waiting.  You know things are happening, but it takes so long!  I have to admit that I have pretty much always set up for failure by not being committed to tracking my progress.  I have learned to weigh myself; measure myself; take progress photos and to do it continuously.    Some days I look in the mirror and I see the changes.  Other days I will admit, are still tough, on those days I look at my progress photos and I keep myself busy!

Banting has become second nature, sure I miss the Weight Watchers sugar-free biscuits, but that is about all Weight Watchers offered me over banting.  Banting feels like home – that is really the only way I can explain it.  It has become second nature, the way I am meant to eat!  The fact that it will get me to my goal that much fasted, makes it even better!


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2 thoughts on “Banting vs Weight Watchers”

  1. Banting, for me, has been far easier to sustain as a lifestyle change in comparison to traditional low fat diets. It’s been 9 months now and still going strong.

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