Blogging,  I started my first blog in 2007.

I have blogged using various platforms – iblog, blogger and wordpress.  In the beginning I had loads of time on my hands, I followed all the blogging rules.  I.e. I read millions of blogs every day, commented, posted every day etc.  In those days as single mom, I worked in a two man travel agency and I had quite a bit of free time on my hands.

My life has evolved.  I am a mom to three beautiful boys; I am a wife; I am working in much bigger corporate agency; I am studying.  I have come to a place where actual living and enjoying comes before blogging..  I enjoy the moment without thinking “how can I translate today’s events into an interesting blog post”.  Blogging has gone from pretty high on my list of priorities to somewhere at the bottom.

I am not going to lie.  I miss it.  I miss sitting down and putting my thoughts on paper.  I miss reading through my archives and seeing how far I’ve (we’ve) come.  I miss reading about all the exciting little things that are going on with all the other fellow bloggers.

In the past I overcomplicated things,  a blog needed a name and appropriate theme.  A blog needed to follow certain rules and there were loads of expectations.  I am done with all of those things, they are utterly exhausting.

Life is like a Camera - Quote | Blog

I really just want to document life.  I want to share the little things in life that have helped me, things that I appreciate.  Special moments with my husband and kids, milestones.  If somewhere along the way someone finds something interesting, swell.  If not, it will simply be a legacy (i hope) for my kids one day.  It is for this very reason that I have kept things simple.

As part of my 30 Before Thirty project I wanted to self-host again.  Design for me comes with time.  But I have taken the first couple of steps.  What do you think so far?

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