For the longest time I have been wondering about the direction I want to take with this blog.  A blog has a central theme which gives it a target reader and essentially a niche audience.  The lines were blurry for me..

I started blogging in 2007.  

Blogging was an online diary of sorts for me, a way to document my life as a single mother and a way to write about fears and frustrations.  One of my first blogs were called Lettice & Lu in the house of many colours.  And we literally lived in a house of many colours.  My topic was lighthearted and fun!  I could write about whatever I wanted with little consequence.

Why the lines were blurry

When K came a long, my life became a lot more complicated.  Before I was the adult, I made the decision.  I’m a part of a team now which means I need to consider K.  I am not longer the author.  I’ve become a co-author and because he isn’t a writer as such – we find other ways to document our story.

In the past I would consult my reader if I needed advice.  Nowadays I bounced my fears and frustrations off him – so it becomes less important to write about them.

I guess I am trying to say my reasons for writing has changed without me noticing it.  I knew writing wasn’t what it used to be, but I hadn’t discovered why or how to fix it.

The lines are still blurry but perhaps less than before?

I recently wrote a post about my decision to start studying and why I decided to study industrial psychology.  In the post I explain how I listed the items I felt most passionate about to choose my studies.

We spend most of our time at work, might as well do what we’re passionate about.

This made me realise, I still have a story to tell.  My story is no longer about documenting my private life but about applying the principles I am passionate about in life and projecting them here.  My story is about motivating, inspiring and guiding women who have similar issues to myself.

  • I want to be strong and capable – physically and emotionally
  • I want to share thing that have made a difference in the way I see the world and myself
  • I want make sure we look at the importance of being a person with an identity and not simply a role such as a mother, wife and taxi-driver
  • The importance of having tangible goals that doesn’t revolve around being a mother and wife
  • The importance of balance
  • I want to empower women to be better versions of themselves
  • I want to be the light, be the inspiration.

If I am really honest, the thought of writing about these things are a little scary.  But I guess that is how I know that I am moving in the right direction.  All I need now is the courage to write what I am passionate about…


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