There is nothing like a work out to make you feel better!  I have never experienced any kind of sport or exercise that gives me the thrill I get from practicing Capoeira.

Logan and I started Capoeira at the beginning of August.  We I chose Capoeira for a couple of reasons.

(1) I wanted to see whether it would develop multiple intelligence as per the theory suggested by developmental psychologist Howard Gardner.  

(2) I wanted to find something Logan and I could do together

(3) I knew he would love it!

Pushed to my limits

My idea was for Logan to become a full blown Capoerista.   I would learn and enjoy the sport while mainly tapping away at the tambourine.  (Or as we would call it, the pandeiro.)  The Capoeira sensei or mestre, as we would call him, instead politely forced instructed me to start with cartwheels during my second class.

or Cartwheel in Capoeira

The aú is a cartwheel in Capoeira.  Pronounced Ahhh-Whooo.  There are different kinds of aús – big ones, where the aim is to get away from the other player.  Little ones when you have limited space, one hand aús if you are being fancy and no hand aús.

Of course none of them really look like an aú when you’re an overweight beginner!

The fun part – Progress

In the two months we’ve been going to class, both Logan and I have made tremendous progress.  We are no-where near ready for grading, but we are improving, learning and becoming stronger with every class.  That being said, I still feel slightly nervous before every class.  I know I am going to be challenged and I know I will need to rise above and push through…

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