I have a serious fascination with Capoeira.  Well Capoeira and the theory of multiple intelligences, I am studying psychology after all…

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines the discipline of a martial art with music, lyrics and fierce acrobatic movements.  My first thoughts were that I needed to convince Logan to give it a try.  I know he enjoys his Karate, but when I sit down and watch him in his class, I know in my heart something is missing.

The idea of combining martial art with dance and music alone was enough to convince me!  But after reading the theory of multiple intelligences, created by developmental psychologist Howard Gardner, I knew it is the right decision.  Gardner has identified eight intelligences: linguistic, logic-mathematical, musical, spatial, bodily/kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic.  The theory suggests that each individual possesses a unique blend of all the intelligences.  The aim is to empower the person by identifying the intelligences you excel in and strengthen the others by exercising them and using them daily.

Capoeira combines all 8 intelligences, in one activity.

Capoeira and the Theory of the Multiple Intelligences

Capoeira and the Theory of the Multiple Intelligences

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Bodily / Kinesthetic Intelligence: Body Smart

Capoeira is a physical sport. Requires one to stretch, strengthen and learn our bodies, having as much kinesthetic awareness as possible.

Verbal / Linguistic Intelligence: Word Smart

Capoeira requires that one learn lyrics to music that tell of the history and culture of Capoeira and learn or become familiar with the Portuguese language (for non-native Portuguese speakers).

Logical / Mathematical Intelligence: Pattern Smart

Capoeira is a martial art and requires for one to be strategic, tactical in all defenses, attacks and maneuvers.

Musical / Rhythmic Intelligence: Music Smart

Capoeira requires one to learn to play a variety of symbolic rhythms on a variety of instruments, while singing at the same time.

Visual / Spatial Intelligence: Design Smart

Capoeira requires that one find the ability to solve problems involving spatial orientations, as in theroda, for example, in which the circle is a three-dimensional boundary in which the player’s opponent becomes an even more complex boundary.

Naturalist Intelligence: Environment Smart

Capoeira explores the idea of the environmental factor of energy! (Known as Axé). There are also movements named using naturalist imagery such as the “macaco” (monkey) or “meia lua de frente” (half moon from front).

Interpersonal Intelligence: People Smart

The social aspect of Capoeira is distinct from most movement practices as it is seen as a way of life, creating communities of people that look to each other as family. Local, national and international communication and travel are very important aspects of Capoeira lifestyle.

Intrapersonal Intelligence: Self Smart

Capoeira creates a space for an individual to become aware of their aesthetic preferences, opening the possibilities of building, modifying and reevaluating them, always striving to know where one is and how to improve.

Theory of the Multiple Intelligences

The plan is to complete my degree and enrol both Logan and I.  I’ll be the one with the tambourine!

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