Confession #1:  I love the New Year buzz!

The new year is filled with good intentions, like new years resolutions, goals and choosing a word for the year.  I know many people feel it is a major waste of time and it may very well be, but the intention to change is surely still better than choosing to stay the same.

Sometimes life just hands you a couple of curve balls and what you thought was important in January, just isn’t when compared with your current reality.  That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t plan or work towards a better life for ourselves and our kids.

2016 was probably one of the first years that I relied a lot more on my word for the year than actual resolutions.  Our circumstances were pretty though a year ago with loads of uncertainties and the need to make a major life-changing decision – the decision to get out of an unhealthy marriage.

My aim was to rise above my circumstances, to grieve,  to heal, to allow my kids to grieve and heal and finally to shine.  When I consider my expectation versus the reality and how it turned out, I am pleasantly surprised.  2016 didn’t break me…

Confession #2:  This year I am a little less psyched up over the whole affair

Although it is a new year, I kind of still feel a little stuck in the previous season.  I have a couple of loose ends that needs settling before I can truly become super excited to grab the bull by the horns.

  • My divorce, the paperwork needs to be finalized.
  • And I am writing three exams at the beginning of February.  These have been looming at the back of my head, reminding my that I can’t close off this chapter.

I know it is a mindset thing, but the in-betweenness (is that a word?) of this season, is doing my head in.  It is part of the uncomfortable reality of life.  Waiting.  Leaning into the discomfort.

I suppose it isn’t bad.  It is life?

Confession #3:  My word for the year 2017 scared the living daylights out of me…

Choosing a word for a year is an art.  It’s almost as if the word chooses you and not you, it.  Perhaps I’m sounding a bit crazy, but for me, a word represents a theme.  The theme is brought about by certain overarching concepts that lead up to a realization that this, the theme, is something you should be focusing on.

word for the year 2017 generosity


My word for 2017 is Generosity.

Being generous with my time, words, skills and talents and with my money. Allowing myself to let go of the deep need to hold on and hold back.  To live boldly and to have the courage to be me, fully.   Learning to trust God for overflow, quality time, quality relationships.  Overflow financially.  Without overflow, there isn’t anything to give.  To have faith in God’s ability and provision rather than my own capabilities.  Balance in knowing when to look after myself properly in order for me to be effective and strong.

Generosity at its core is a foreign concept to me.  One that I am pleased and excited to learn.

What is your word for 2017?

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