We all know the importance of a vision board, but I for one isn’t very keen on the tackiness of a traditional vision board.  And although I have done a digital version of a vision board, I didn’t really look at it very often because it felt like a forced exercise.

I briefly toyed around with the idea of taking a pin board and just pinning things I like on there as alternative for a traditional vision board. But due to the fact that I didn’t have a pin board lying around and the need to keep this little project cheap, I did something completely different.


How to create a creative vision board for this decade

creative vision board


  1. I bought to two roughly A1 size hardboard boards from my local hospice shop at R30 each
  2. Painted them with white enamel paint that we had at home
  3. Source pictures / quotes / scripture / sayings that inspires me and saved them on a single PowerPoint presentation
  4. Printed the document in black and white
  5. Created my collage using Modge podge
  6. Drew dots and sayings using a silver marker

It is far from perfect, but I have to tell you – I love it!

Creative vision board for the twentieth century

Inside of my heart - Creative vision board

Rise. Shine. Grind. Repeat.

Creative Vision Board - Black and White


I knew I needed a home management binder of sorts to keep myself organised for the year.  But from experience I knew that the traditional ring binded binder that takes up space on a kitchen counter doesn’t work.  In the end it frustrates me to no end.

Using a word template I found, I customized our monthly overview in a way I wanted it, i.e. with enough space to add goals and reminders per family member on the actual page.  I have a family binder within close reach where I am going to file important school letters, payslips, budgets and general documents that’s important enough to keep without having to file it immediately.

I printed the calendar in an A3 size:

Calendar / Home management binder


As mentioned my creative vision board is far from perfect, but I figure I can keep doodling and making changes during the course of the year and in that way I will (1) keep rediscover inspirational things and (2) I’ll keep playing & stay creative…  But to spare you some frustration, here’s what I will do differently next time around:

  • Glue or modge podge a layer of plain white paper over the board instead of, or over and above the coat of paint.  I find the colour of the paint and the white of the paper isn’t an exact match.
  • If you’re making two boards like I have, place them side by side from the beginning and try to get the images to overlap between the boards.  This will add some continuity
  • Same with your doodles.  Doodle side by side to add continuity and add a sense of things blending together
  • Seal the collage once you’re done with a final coat of modge podge or varnish
  • Repeat themes / saying and even images.
    • I did a lot of repeating and I like that, because I don’t look at every single item in isolation.  So many different messages I wanted myself to think about are being repeated and I keep discovering new detail about something it as I go about my day.
    • I used a lot of symbolism in my board.   For example, Mickey Mouse will always refer to Oliver.  I like that I know these things but depending on how well you know me, you wouldn’t.

Do you have / believe in vision boards?

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