By now, you should be aware of the fact that I am extremely passionate about freeing people trapped in human slavery.

End Human Slavery | Quote by Nelson Mandela

3 Ways you can become a part of the solution to End Human Slavery!

South African National Human Trafficking Resource Line

1.) The Human Trafficking Resource Line

The South African National Human Trafficking Resource Line operates as a tool to combat human trafficking growth.  The line is manned 24/7, by specially trained professionals, who follow international protocol ensuring the fastest response to each case.

Save the resource phone number, 0800 222 777,  on your phone.  Educate your children about human trafficking and protect yourself.


Most Importantly:  If you see something, say something. 0800 222 777

2.) Attend a Seminar | Traffick Wise

In last year I attended the Traffick Wise Seminar.  I hoped to gain a better understanding of human trafficking, what it entails, what to look out for in my immediate environment, how to protect myself and my kids.

Instead, I was confronted with the reality of human trafficking:

  • I realised we’re fighting a losing battle.  HUMAN TRAFFICKING is too big for us to handle, but thankfully we don’t have to do it alone.  We have a heavenly Father that empowers us and gives us whatever we need to succeed.
  • I learned that the pimps are victims in their own right and they also need a people to love them, forgive them and fight for them.
  • The only way to combat trafficking is to end the demand for cheap labour and prostitutes.  The consumer plays an enormous role and even something as ‘innocent‘ as pornography may seem, has an impact in generating an estimated $150 Billion US Dollars profit every year.  Hence the reason, human slavery is considered the fastest growing criminal industry in the world.
  • I found practical tools to use to explain human trafficking is to my kids.  I was equipped to explain to Oliver, my five-year-old, what human trafficking is, for his protection.

The next Traffick Wise Seminar takes place in next weekend.  It costs R200.00.  Take the time to educate yourself.  Become a part of the solution to end human slavery.  Click here to register.

Traffick Wise Seminar | Anti-human trafficking awareness and education

3.)  Register for the A21 #WALKFORFREEDOM

We’re on the move.⠀
We’re taking ground.⠀
Can you hear it?⠀
The sound of thousands of footsteps. The new abolitionists are here.⠀

Register now: #WalkForFreedom

Take the first step in becoming a part of the solution to end human slavery, share this post and spread the word.

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