They say fake it until you make it. I am testing the theory by changing one thing and hoping for little effect to my day to day and major effect to my weight!

This weekend has been the first weekend I have felt like looking after myself.  I’ve painted my nails and toe nails.  I have coloured my hair and I have tinted my eyebrows.

fake it until you make it

Fake it until you make it

Tomorrow it day one of a vigorous 6 week back-to-banting plan I’ve worked out for myself.  I am cheating a bit to get me into it properly because I have no self-control.  I don’t have the time or capacity to engage in a cleverly worked out exercise plan.  And honestly I need something I can follow through with in the long term.

I need to stop sugar and carbs like I stopped smoking.  Without replacing one addiction with another.  While coping with everything that is going on in life.  I need to change one major thing without changing everything else.


Capoeira.  I want to be good at it.  I want to get to a level where I can train other people.  Teenage girls.  Empower them to defend themselves.  Boost their confidence.  Give them a platform, an emotional outing.


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