Is the play of words too much?  Band vs Bant Wagon. For a brief moment I thought it may be and then simply ignored it.

Getting back on the BANT WAGON

I have been thinking a bit about my destructive relationship with food and you know what.  It is stupid!  It’s time to get over myself and to simply do it.  Am I scared I am going to fail?  You bet.  Have I failed in the past?  Hell yeah!  Should it stop me from trying again?  No!

Post it encouragements

Getting back on the Bant Wagon, one ‘encouragment‘ at a time

I’ve written about the struggles in Banting.  I have compare weight-watchers and Banting.  I’ve had success and I have failed miserably while trying to stay on the bant wagon.  Right now, the fear of failing is a bit much, which leads me to this insatiable need to (1) keep myself inspired, (2) have a plan and (3) be prepared.

Quote | The Fault in our Stars

(1) Inspirational Encouragements

One ways to keep myself inspired is by filling every wall / cupboard in my house with little inspirational notes.  While writing these words, I was reminded of the the “Encouragements” used by Gus’ parents in The Fault in Our Stars.  Here’s a reminder if you need one:

[Hazel follows Gus through the front door of his house]
Gus: Welcome to my abode.
[as the walk through the hallway Hazel notices a framed plaque with the sign “If you want the rainbow you have to deal with the rain”]
Gus: My folks call them “encouragements.”
[Hazel chuckles as she notices another plaque]
Gus: Don’t ask.
[Gus walks over to the kitchen where his parents are]
Gus: Hi, guys.
Gus’ Dad: Hey.
Gus’ Mom: Augustus, hi. New friend?
Hazel: Yeah. Uh…this is Hazel Grace.
Gus: Hi. Oh, it’s just Hazel.
Gus’ Dad: And how’s it going, Just Hazel?
Gus’ Mom: Hi, Hazel. How are you?
Gus: Yeah, we’re going downstairs. Bye.

I was slightly disgusted by the negative connotation to the idea of encouragements.  I think the vision board, planner and nerd in me loves it too much.  For now the main thing is – it has to work!

(2) Have a plan

For now my plan is to try and keep it simple.  No intermittent fasting or cutting out dairy.  For now, I simply need to adjust to cutting out carbs and sugar and settling into a routine.  I have jotted down a couple of focus areas for the coming month:

  • Bulletproof coffee with gelatin / collagen
  • fat bombs and frozen yogurt
  • stay away from the dark chocolate, there’s no such thing as chocolate in moderation
  • keep our menu more or less the same, simply adjust what I eat to reduce / eliminate carbs and sugar
  • eggs are overrated, eat in moderation.  Not because they aren’t excellent for banting purposes, but because I cannot stomach too many.
  • give heba pap a try
  • watermelon season!

(3) Preparation

I am going to try and see this as a “soft go live” – mainly because of the following reasons:

(1.)  Over-preparing and failing is torture for my over-achieving soul, this in turn leads me to the slumps of depression and comfort eating.

(2.)  I am probably going to fail a couple of times and that is okay, I’m trying to change a lifestyle and that takes time.

(4) Accountability.  Accountability.  Accountability

Writing about my journey, that means, you dear reader, are here to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Do you have any tips for me on my journey?  Any wisdom to defeat fear of failure once and for all?

Good bye chocolates and carbs, you’re no longer my go to guys :)

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3 thoughts on “Getting back on the Bant Wagon and my Fear of Failure”

  1. You can do it!!!!!
    The path to success is never a straight one, done’t look at it as failure, just deviations! You’ve got this!

  2. Hello! :)

    I hope it has been going well. I have my moments but like you I am attempting banting once more because it worked for me.

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