With the new year, come new year’s resolutions or goal-setting plans – some people hate it.  I’m not always so good on the follow through, but I find that when I plan and prepare I get more done than I would have hadn’t I planned.  So I figure it’s a win-win either way.

If you hadn’t noticed, I am pretty passionate about the end of year review + new year excitement,  after all I did write:

  1. a post about my 2015 reflections
  2. a post about my expectations for 2016
  3. a post about my word for 2016
  4. and I mentioned a vision board, home management binder and a diary – all ready for the new year.

This year I went B-I-G and I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve had some help along the way.  The below mentioned resources are invaluable and nothing makes me happier than sharing these with you.


Let's Do This


Marcia created a wonderful resource that she calls the “Let’s do this guide”.  She starts the worksheet with some reflective questions about the previous year and then moves on to prompts for the new year.  Here’s what I appreciated the most:

(1)  the first is a little mind map that allows you to break down and dissect you word for the year.  The things I wrote down where the obvious reasons for choosing the word.  Rise – get up and go / movement + rising above circumstances.  Shine – rediscover myself, being vulnerable, courageous and brave.  Allowing others to see the real me.

(2) Write down all the goals you want to achieve for the year.

(3)  Rank and arrange the goals, giving each quarter of the year a short(er) term goal.

Download “Let’s do this” by clicking here

Diary Snob | Passion planner


I mentioned the passion planner when I did my little review of planners and diaries on the market.  In the post I mentioned a downloadable version that they make available to student or South Africans who can’t afford buying the planner due to the Rand-Dollar exchange rate.  I downloaded the planner and toyed with the idea of having it binded for my personal use – but that sounded like quite a process and then I found my perfect 2016 diary.

I love concept behind the passion planner.  In the front of the planner you’re asked to create a wishlist or passion roadmap.  You’re asked to write down what you would do or be – if you could do or be anything.  It’s done as a brainstorm/ mindmap within 4 categories, namely (1) Lifetime (2) 3 Years (3) One Year (4) 3 Months from now.  <<  Love this

Once you’ve created the mindmap, you’re asked to circle one item listed in each of the categories.  This will become your focus or Gamechanger.   A Passion Plan is created per gamechanger to give guidance and make the goal more attainable.

The better question - goal setting plans


I’m a big fan of listening to podcasts in morning traffic or while doing mindless tasks.  Andy did a podcast about new year’s resolutions entitled, The better question.  In the podcasts he says mentions that we are more than our bodies or bank balances.  He highlights the fact that we are not inspired by stories of people who maintain their ideal weight or settle debt – we’ve moved by people who makes a difference in their communities, people who changes the world or changes someone’s world.

Andy challenges us to be moved by the things that compel us to act.  To think about the things that breaks our hearts or scares us.  In essence, he really is challenging us to set our goals wider than just ourselves and that is pretty inspiring.

Andy has challenges me to think about who I am and what I can do with who I am, right now.

 Are you big on goal-setting plans?  What do you do to follow through throughout the year?

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