It has been a while.  I suppose that is because things are good and I’ve had little reason to write.

The pace has been a bit faster than I would have preferred the past couple of months, both at home and especially at work.  September was the last month I managed to review, but instead of wasting away hours to reflect on the months of October and November, or worse – skip them entirely – I thought I’d do a quick overview, right here.


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October Highlights

October was a hectic month of commuting to our Rivonia branch to train and upskill some of the staff in our Joburg branch.  I was pretty devoted to a cause close to my heart in the month.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • The A21 Walk for Freedom was held on the 15th of October.
  • Traffick Wise, is human trafficking awareness seminar that I attended the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of October
  • Logan had his school concert at the end of October.  A full week of shows, 6 in total with two dressed rehearsals – madness if you ask me!  Logan loved the chaos, even if he was absolutely knackered by the end of the week.   In some ways, I think we are still recovering from it.

November Highlights

  • November marks the start and end of my ‘getting back on the bant wagon’ adventure, although I have managed to remain pretty disciplined in what I eat and portion control.
  • I met a person, that has become a really good friend.  He is caring and kind and I really enjoy spending time with him.

Capoeira workshop 10Nov.1

Capoeira workshop 10Nov

  • The Brazilian Embassy hosted a Workshop of Capoeira on the 10th of November.  It was a whole lot of fun and I got to taste my very first sip of Caipirinha.  Beautiful.  More on this some other time.

Caipirinha recipe. Now to find Cachaça…

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  • November means, Christmas Carols and the start of the silly season.  We attended the Carols in the Park event at Rietondale Park and nearly got caught in a thunder storm.  Thankfully we were all safe.
  • Commuted to Joburg CBD by train for a few days,  how do people cope?  As much of an adventure as it is, it was simply exhausting.  I did really loved seeing landmark and graffiti alike in town.

Gautrain to Carlton Centre | highlights from november 2016

What did I miss over here?  Was October and November good to you?

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