I completed my degree a couple of months ago, now I know it is long overdue, but because I chose to fall pregnant at the tender age of 20 I did things backwards.  Here’s a list high-level overview of my career thus far:

Career and Degree

Here’s the thing – I really enjoy what I do, but I would also really like to do what I have studied without taking a salary knock.

Because I am an analyst at heart, I believe it is my duty to over-analyze and scrutinized every aspect of this journey twice over.  I know where I am going want to go.  This is what I have come up with.


1.) Keep looking

You should be looking at all times anyway.  But now is the time to keep your eyes open, feet on the ground!

2.) Keep studying

This one is a given for me.  In psychology your kind of need to keep going until you earn your title of psychologist.  If that is what you want.  What I want isn’t always clear to me, I want a lot of things.  I want to try a whole bunch of things and be successful at it.  I have applied for both an honours degree in industrial psychology [which will lead to a master’s degree and the title I might want] as well as a post-graduate degree in organizational development.

Truth be known – I am pretty excited abnormally passionate about organizational development.  It would also be the easiest way for me to transition from business systems (current position) to industrial psychology.

3.) Pay it forward and share the knowledge

I am a student by nature.  Because I love learning new things, nothing gives me more pleasure than sharing what I have learned!  I am teacher by nature.  Okay, I am a geek!

UNISA has an e-tutor program that allows geeks like me to help other students.  The geek in me is very excited!  I have submitted my application and hopefully (fingers crossed) I will hear from them very soon!

4.) Keep doing what I am doing

Opportunities are but a moment away.  The key is to be alert and ready to grab what comes your way, when it does.  My strategy is to up my game at work and dress the part.


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