Every time I get the urge to change the look and feel of this blog, I remind myself that it would be worth it if I actually took the time to write.  Instead of investing a huge amount of energy to think up a theme / look and feel and a little tag line, I’ll tell you a couple of things we’ve been busy with lately:


Kids | Oliver

The kids are great!  Oliver had a follow up appointment with the paediatric oncologist.  The oncologist is satisfied with his progress and doesn’t feel it is necessary for any further follow ups.  He feels we should continue monitoring Oli and should there be anything more lumps or things out of the ordinary – we should contact him immediately.  What a relief!  We are so grateful!

Kids | Logan

Logan is doing really well in school.  The doctor decided to move him from Ritalin to Concerta.  I know the meds have been working well up until now.  I have reservations about the dosage.  I know as parents we do what we believe best and really we just need to have faith that God will keep our kids in the palm of His hand.

We really don’t know how much we have to be grateful for.  Healthy, well adjusted kids are a blessing often overlooked.


Logan and I started Capoeira classes in August.  It is exhilarating, it is more challenging than I care to admit and we love it!  Capoeira really needs a post on it’s own – so I won’t spoil it.  But I am so glad we took the plunge and started.

Cape Town

My colleague and I went to Cape Town in last week.  It really was a kind of going away present / our boss thanking us for the our dedication.  My boss has been promoted to the GM of our Cape Town branch, I am so pleased for him and his wife and yet I miss them already.  (They’ve only been gone a month)

We flew down to Cape Town on the Wednesday morning and returned on the Thursday evening.  We were spoiled way beyond our expectation.  Tit bits of our trip includes, a visit to the aquarium; pampering at the spa at the Taj Cape Town; overnight at Hotel Verde; Camps Bay in the morning and lunch at the Hilton.

Here’s some photos of our trip:






So how have you been?

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