When was the last time you sat down and watched Amelie, the 2001 French film that wowed audiences around the world?

I’ve been meaning to rewatch the film for a while and finally got around to it over the weekend.  Let me recap a little bit about the film:

Socially awkward Amelie’s life changes when she discovers an old box of memories in a secret hole behind the floor tile in her bathroom.  She vows to become a regular “do-gooder”, if she successfully returns the box to its rightful owner.  Through a series of good deeds and an enlightening relationship with an old artist and painter, she is forced to take action for how own happiness and love.  

Little things I learned by rewatching Amelie


Generosity isn’t always about doing massive things that cost loads of cash.  Sometimes generosity can be displayed in the little things.  By paying attention to the people around us, generosity often is a simple problem that needs solving, a kind gesture or friendly smile.  Often times the most sincere form of generosity is doing something for someone that hasn’t asked, for it.  Or doing something for someone who wasn’t even 100% aware of the fact that they needed intervention.

Being kind to yourself

We need to grow and adapt to life, we need to be fearless in our pursuit of being a better version of ourselves.  Comfort zones are real and we miss out on so much life has to offer iF we stagnate.

Finding love

Love is beautiful at the right time, with the right person.  It’s isn’t something we should actively go and find.   The right person is out there!   The one who’s awkward tendencies will compliment yours and who will appreciate your silly obsessions.  Every skew pot has a lid and yours is out there.  The key is in finding happiness in the season you’re in, whatever the season and to prepare yourself for your Mr or Mrs. Right.

Do yourself a favour and set out two hours to rewatch this delightful film!

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