My cousin and I – I’m the one with the curly hair – no surprise :)

Often it is easy to share stories and experience while keeping yourself unknown.  I feel like it is time for me to write about me – for one it is a good way of reflecting on where I come from and where I am going and it is a hell of a lot cheaper than therapy.  Without further a do – here’s a bit of information behind the blogger…



  • Born and raised in one house in Brooklyn, Pretoria
  • I attended one primary school and one high school
  • My parents separated when I was 12 and the divorced was finalized when I was 14
  • I went to an all girls Afrikaans high school in Pretoria.  At first I hated it with everything in me but after a couple of years, I became a part of the school or it became a part of me.  I fell in love with the school, the teachers, the culture and made lots of friends.

Afrikaanse Hoer Meisieskool Pretoria

  • I was a Voortrekker from Grade 1 to Grade 12.  I was given the award of Hoofleierswag but didn’t meet their criteria for Presidents Verkenner.  But that is a whole different post on it’s own.
  • I wanted to study dance and drama after school.  I actually got admitted into a Christian Dance school but my dad refused to pay the tuition fees because he felt it wasn’t an accredited institution.
  • I don’t have a great relationship with my dad.  Although there is some communication now.  I wish it were different from what it is.
  • Did I mention Christian Dance school?  I was pretty involved in my local church.  I was one fire for Jesus


  • My dad wasn’t happy to pay for me to attend the Christian Dance School which lead to me throwing an ugly temper tantrum.
  • I rebelled and decided to traveled to the UK on a working holiday visa.
  • My once small & safe world became very big very quickly.  I went off the Christian path for the most part and became a wild party animal.  I went to the pub very often.  Too often.

UK 2004

  • The full extent of my travel included UK (Edinburgh, Manchester, South-West England, Spain and a stopover in Dubai on my way back home)
  • I returned to South Africa for a couple of months at the end of 2004- mid 2005.  In this time, I met Logan’s dad and fell pregnant.
  • I returned to the UK, unaware of the fact that I was pregnant and was fully prepared to continue my life in the UK.
  • Being pregnant and working on commission doesn’t work so well.  After a mere 3 months in the UK my mom bailed me out and helped me come home.
  • I was (1) still in denial about the pregnancy (2) desperately hoping my baby would go away.

Logan and Mom 2

Young and Capable.  The little boy that saved me…

Baby Logan and Mom

Selfie, long before true selfies

  • I had baby Logan at the end of 2005, 6 weeks premature.  Healthy and strong beyond what could be natural.
  • My world was changed beyond what I could dream or imagine.  I fell head over heals in love with this little boy!


  • I started my career in travel at Flight Centre
  • I have worked and booked travel for leisure travelers, honeymoon couples, family travel packaged, working holidays, corporate & government travelers and in the end, assisted VIP and ministry delegates with their travel requirements.
  • Travel sounds a whole lot more glamorous that it is.
  • I loved learning the booking system and the commands needed to make a booking.  I loved learning about airline, hubs and protocol around travel, visas and health requirements.
  • I knew very early on in my career that there weren’t much of a corporate ladder to climb as a travel consultant and that I didn’t want to be a consultant for the rest of my life.
  • When a position in business systems department became available, I leaped for the opportunity.  I had to fight for the post and it was worth it!


completing my degree


  • My bestie predicted I would marry a Jaco.  I met Kobus, i.e. Jacobus shortly after.
  • We had an unofficial and official date that we got engaged
  • We got married on the unofficially engagement date exactly one year later
  • When I accepted K into my live, I became a step-mom.  It is much harder than I ever thought it would be, but suddenly I have a whole chunk more respect (and understanding) for the decisions my dad made.
  • Because of the age gap, I was worried we would battle to fall pregnant.  We didn’t, in fact we fell pregnant 3/4 months after we started trying…  Before we were married

Oliver baby


Squishy Baby Oliver


  • To be continued…
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3 thoughts on “The little known facts behind the blogger”

  1. Hi.
    It is nice to meet a fellow old-Affie! Thank you for sharing your story.

    I am excited with you about the future. May it be a blessed year for you and your family.

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