Last year I declared that you’ve grown from an annoying boy into a smart young man.  I was wrong – boys will remain, boys – as they should.  Logan my lion, stay a boy!

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As I sit down to write these words, I find myself stumped.  You are my Logan, lent to me for a season and while some most days, I am challenged beyond words and I feel like a bit of failure, I look at you and you take my breath away!


Logan my Lion, You are a breath of fresh air.

Gentle and kind, especially when you deal with littlies.  Sensitive to the needs of the people around you.  Tolerant of your teacher, sometimes even inspired and helpful!

Naughty and creative.  Stubborn and logic.  Balanced and extreme.  A true contradiction, in every possible way.  Most kids are entertained and inspired by you.  You’re a natural, charismatic leader.  The goal as always, remain to teach you how to use your natural abilities to do good and help others.

You keep me on my toes and on my knees and for that, I am grateful and blessed beyond words.


Logan my Lion, Big brother to Oliver, my bear

You terrorize your brother, way too much.  More than what is considered healthy, but I’m keeping an eye on you.  You’ve both been through a difficult year and you’ve ended the year so much stronger.

the brothers swart

Your brother adores you and I know one day, when the age gap is smaller, you will be the best of friends.


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Logan, my lion at work and play

You’ve exceeded my expectations and did really well with your school work.  Not only did you managed to adjust to our home life and settle in a new school, but also learned how to manage your workload all by yourself.  Next year is your year for higher heights and I have the privilege of guiding and cheering you on.

Never in my wildest dream did I think you would enjoy and thrive as much in the Capoeira class as you have.  Earlier this year, you were shy to perform in a Capoeira show – look at you now.  A couple of weeks ago, you entered a roda and accepted criticism from a world class Mestre and one of your heroes, Mestre Garganta.

You make my proud, Logan my Lion.

This year, you took things in your own hands, by waking up at 05h15, lighting your own candles and waking me in bed.  It is something to get used to… As is watching you grown into your tweens…

Logan my Lion

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