Logan turned 9 the day before yesterday. My Christmas Eve baby is nine! Where did the time go?

The mister woke us up at sparrow’s fart to start celebrating his day. Unfortunately the day went sour quite quickly because Lu didn’t think his birthday presents were fit for the occasion.

A couple of months ago we discovered Logan had lost 2 of his school track suite tops.  Track suits are expensive and of all items (socks, shirts, lunch box) he lost the track suit tops.  It wasn’t the first time he had lost school uniform items and we clearly said to him that if he was to loose any school uniform / stationary, etc – he would need to replace it himself.

I should have wrapped the track suit tops in wrapping paper and presented it to him on the day.  But I couldn’t get myself to go that far.

Luckily he warmed up eventually after a long and hard “this is life” talk.

My handsome boys #boylu A photo posted by Alet Swart (@alet202) on

3 of my 4 boys #boylu #olimac
Man oh Man I have handsome boys!

  #boylu #nineyears   A photo posted by Alet Swart (@alet202) on

My mom made his day with the most amazing gift. He calls it his zippy scooter.

Nine years today #boylu

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Logan’s birthday celebrations started a couple of weeks ago at school. Nearly nine, celebrating at school tomorrow because that’s what you do when your birthday is the day before Christmas #boylu A photo posted by Alet Swart (@alet202) on

I really don’t know who battle most with these life lessons – them or us. I know it is our job to prepare them for life. Life is though!

To my Lil Logan Lu,
You make me proud by being who you are. My hope and prayer is that you will stay true who you are. You are made wonderfully, complex and logic. You question absolutely everything and cannot accept something if it doesn't make sense to Logan. You push the boundaries. You love your brothers unconditionally, but you don't like your little brother, most of the time. You do however amaze us every now and then with your gentleness and caring spirit.
You've grown so much in the past 12 months and you have made us so proud!
I love you to the moon and back!
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