I have written about Logan the stubborn before.  And when I said, most morning I have to fight to get Logan to wake up, fight to get him to drink his meds, fight to get him to have breakfast, I meant it.  I still battle.

This weeks frustrations revolved around the speech he needed to do about a fictional book character.  It was a two fold assignment.  Tell your teacher why you like the book and the character and dress up like the character for the day.  In my opinion, it is an fun way to incorporate a dress up with a speech.  Win-win all around.

The Grinch

Until the mom needs to help…

Logan’s book of choice:  How the Grinch stole Christmas

Let me reiterate.  Logan chose the Grinch.  On his own.   Without being prompted by me.  His reasoning was, that he could relate to the anger the Grinch felt by the noise of the Who’s down in Whoville.  His reasoning was his brother, Oliver and the fact that in  the end, he always ends up loving his brother.  Sweet…

It also meant Logan could do what Logan loves doing, which is to dress up and be bold and be Logan.  In the school holidays he dressed up like a pirate, just because he could.  He felt like it.  Often he will wear something in order to make a statement.

I absolutely love this about Logan!

The Grinch the Speech

What I don’t like so much, is fighting to get him to write his speech.  It was a one minute speech.  He needed to say (1) why he chose the book, (2) why he likes the character and (3) a little bit about the book.  He could do all that and more, but suddenly when you have to write it down and call it a speech it becomes a chore and a mission.

The Grinch the Dress-up

The green face would be detailed and perfect.  We watched a couple of YouTube tutorials and settled on this one.


We were going to keep the rest of the dress-up simple.  Green face + a Santa hat.  That was until this morning when he decided he wants to wear one of my work t-shirt because it will be a bit longer instead of his own.  When I said no, there was drama.

When we applied the green face paint, he didn’t like it because it was cold.  And then it was crackly on his face.  And then he didn’t like it.  So he washed the paint off.

I was ready to leave him to it.  I packed all the makeup things in a ziplock bag and was ready to leave the house when he begged me to simply apply the black lines around his eyebrows, nose and mouth.

Disappointed as I was, I complied.

Logan’s Version / the final result

The final result was not what I envisioned.  So I’m a bit disappointed, but Logan was satisfied.

Here’s to hoping the speech goes better!

The Grinch stole my sanity today, any advice to regain it will be much appreciated

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2 thoughts on “How the Grinch Stole my Sanity, by Dr Logan”

    1. Oh Rina, the problem is, he normally does really well with his speeches – regardless of whether he is well prepared or not. This is half the problem!

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