This morning was one of those mornings with Logan.  Fight to get him to get dressed.  Fight to get him to eat breakfast.  Fight to get him to drink his medicine.  Most mornings are like that.  He is exceptionally stubborn (like me) and the more you nag him to do something – the less inclined he is to do it.

After operation medicine went from bad to worse (and with that I mean, Logan giving an Oscar Award winning performance; me biting K’s head off while screaming like a crazy-woman and K pinching Logan’s ear) I prayed to myself:  “God, help me be a better mom to Logan”.  I feel ashamed to admit I haven’t prayed anything like this in a while.  I have become “comfortable” in our daily struggles instead of saying what can I / what should I be doing better.  How should I be setting a better example for my son.

Logan [the stubborn] in his Karate Gi

How can I mold Logan to be stubborn when appropriate instead of  all-the-time?

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