Roughly a year ago I attended the open day of the primary school Logan currently attends.  I remember wondering whether it was the right decision, in my heart I was please and excited.  But the thought of moving Logan from one school to another was a concern, I kept asking myself if he would settle.


Logan Year to Date

At the beginning of the year, I was a little concerned that Logan was going to make mince meat out his teacher.  Logan has a strong and stubborn streak – something that I have come still try to, appreciate.  His teacher is very sweet.  When you ask fellow student, they’ll all tell you Ms X is so nice, very lovely.  Lovely is awesome.  But I need someone that understands Logan and is willing to take a couple of alternative approaches to make him tick.

Ms X has done that and so much more.  She challenged him and must have won, because he respects her.  For a couple of weeks in the first term we even picked up he was doing his homework, ahead of the fellow students, in class time.

First Term

I attended the parent-teacher’s evening at the end of the first term and I was so pleased with his teacher’s comments.  She told me that she looked at his history and the fact that he had repeated grade one, the Concerta, etc and was a little hesitant.  Naturally my brain translated it to – she was downright petrified and hoped he wouldn’t rule her classroom.  Yet, she told me that she couldn’t believe he is the same child they wrote about in the transfer document.  She was overwhelmed by the progress he had made in since the beginning of the term and felt he had incredible potential.  She encouraged me to motivate him and yet, we both knew, Logan would do what Logan feels like doing.  Lazy he is, intelligent is he also!

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Second term

We received the second term’s report card a couple of days before the schools closed.  I wasn’t expecting much.  It had been a tough semester, with tension at home and a house move.  I had given Logan some rope to prove or hang himself.  And prove himself he did.  His marks didn’t improve from the first semester.  But it also didn’t dwindle.

His report could have been an exact replica of the first semester – and although he isn’t pleased.  I am!  I am super proud and I am very excited for the coming semester.

Aftercare staff

I am so impressed with the aftercare staff at Logan’s school.  The homework standard is impeccable.  Last year Logan and I redid the homework that was done at aftercare in order for me sleep, knowing he knew his work.  This year, I have no problems.  In fact, his aftercare teacher adores him!  She goes out of her way to spoil him.

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but Neo Natal ICU nurses are angels sent from heaven to look after very special babies.  The aftercare teachers at Logan (and Oliver’s school) are of the same breed.  I could not have asked for better!

Logan Berimbau Making workshop


Logan is doing so well in Capoeira and even though I have very little scientific proof that Capoeira has helped improved Logan’s concentration with his schoolwork.  I am sold.  Capoeira has taught Logan perseverance.  Perseverance, even in small doses makes a huge difference when all you want to do it give up.

I kind of wanted to make a joke saying we’re working towards Logan becoming the youngest Capoeira mestre in the history of Capoeira, and it backfired.  Jerry, our trainer, has a deep respect for Capoeira and its history and he immediately said, being a young mestre doesn’t work, because that kind of respect comes with maturity.

And that kind of sums up what I want for Logan:

I want him to be a well adjusted, respectful, leader who has the skills to navigate this journey we call life with boldness, courage and integrity.

Well done my boy, you make me proud!

…  Even when you drive me dilly

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