Considering the fact that he turned out a boy when all I wanted was a girl, I am so pleased with this interesting boy child, called Oliver.


The other day he decided to sing London Bridge is Falling Down.  The lyrics weren’t 100% accurate:

* Under bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, 

Under bridge is falling down, 

I’m no Lady

To my little Oliver

You’re no Lady, my boy!  Your butt jokes is proof of that and yet they will always remain funny to me!  Mainly because you’ll keep telling them regardless of whether or not I laugh.  I am so grateful you are not a girl!  Secretly I don’t think (looking back now) I would have coped with Logan and a girl.  Logan is complex enough on his own.

You are a pleasure.  You are happy as long as you are in my company, you’ll either read me books, draw me pictures or play with your cars.  You are caring and social, you are gentle and easily pleased.  Your best friend is a girl and you allow her to boss you around.  Yet, when you need to, you know how to stand your ground, mostly when Logan pushes you too far!

Oliver Art

You are my bear, strong and brave without any reason to show it off.  You’d much rather goof around and be carefree.  When I watch you on the rugby field, I see you, I understand you – its all about the game, until someone gets hurt and your natural instinct is to make sure they’re okay – regardless of whether it’s your opponent or team mate.  I’m too competitive, a real soccer mom!  Who knew?  But you are something else,  you care deeply.  You are kind.

You name means peace, and you’ve brought me harmony and peace.  I am so thankful for you!

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