I really love writing, it helps me process my thoughts.  So why did I stop writing or blogging?  I really cannot refer to myself as a blogger, only a person with a blog.

That’s kind of okay, but it’s also not….

i used to be a blogger

I started blogging way back in 2007 on a platform called iblog.  I was so dedicated to writing daily, commenting on a million blogs – daily and watching my stats with an extremely close eye.

That was before blogging was all about pres-drops, giveaways and sponsored posts.  In 2007, blogging literally consisted of an online journal:

  • Of what you did over the weekend,
  • how you dealt with your toddler’s tantrum and,
  • a whole bunch of memes, all blogger seemed to complete and link each other in.

It was fun and it was time-consuming.

Since iblog, I have had a few blogs on Blogger, WordPress and finally a self-hosted website or three.  I loved learning about editing the HTML, setting up the google analytics and webmastertools for a self-hosted site.  I learned about SEO and using and integrating social media for greater reach.  Learning, that is really what I love doing and when I feel I’ve mastered it or at least gained enough practical experience to say I have an understanding of a concept, I move on.

But blogging is different.  The need to voice myself and process thoughts have always been there, the medium changed over time.  Let’s be honest, writing in a diary is awesome and in some ways, bullet journaling has made it so simple to find what you’ve written.  But it is not as simple as searching a word or phrase and reading the history on one of the categories you’ve added to your blog.

old journals and diaries

At some point in my life, I wanted to be a fairly famous blogger.  That ship has sailed a long time ago.  I wrote for me, mostly always have, but I’ve always had the desire for my interaction or experience to add value to someone else’s life.

When someone takes your words and turns it against you.

My ex had a way of going into my blog archives to analysing and scrutinising my words.  He had a way to twist and take my words out of context and then proceeded to use them against me.

When this happened, I pretty much stopped writing.  Often times I would write a post here or there, rereading and editing every sentence so it couldn’t be used against me.  Blogging became way too much work and often times, it was easier to write a post and simply publish it as a private post.

The problem I find is that there is very little continuity to my story and with so many blanks there isn’t much chance for people to relate to my story.  Until eventually you need to ask yourself: “why am I blogging” and “wouldn’t it be better to simply quit“.  But I am not there yet, for me, it is still fun to write the occasional post, play around with design elements and put thought on paper.

What is my niche?

That doesn’t mean the central theme of this blog has been on my mind.  The reason for using my name as the URL was to make it easier for the site evolve and change, based on my life stage.  Bottomline, a blog needs a central theme and a niche and mine doesn’t really have one at this stage.

Melissa recently wrote an interesting article about the importance of niche, she compares it with the beat of a journalist.  She ends the post with these words, and they are filled with so much wisdom:

My advice to you if you are struggling to identify your own niche: just keep writing; you’ll find something that people will remember you for.  You and your experiences are unique. Don’t take for granted what you already know, because there are people who know a little less on a topic than you do.

So for now, I am going to do just that.  I am going to make an effort to write, even if the posts are short.  And with that, I am going to try to write publically without publishing private posts.

Have you ever thought of blogging?  Have you ever thought of quitting?

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5 thoughts on “I used to be a blogger. Now I only have a blog.”

  1. I quit for a few months about 3 times since I started blogging last year in July. This was because having a niche is key. I couldn’t find out what my niche is, I swapped and changed a lot. Now I feel to just write what I know, write about my experiences.
    I’m interested in finding out from you how you see a “blogger” and why you are not a blogger.

    1. Thanks for putting me on the spot, Melissa!

      I think it’s just that I don’t see myself as much of a blogger because my posts have become very sporadic and I definitely don’t have an editorial calendar for posts. In the past, I used to think in blog posts. Something would happen in my everyday life and I would process it immediately by means of thinking of the blog post.

      I don’t do that anymore, But think it has to do with the fact that my words were twisted in the past.

      What I do know, is that I will continue to write, because even though I don’t feel like a blogger, I know I have a voice.

  2. I quit so many times too! This year I got the famous blogger dream in my head and heart. I’m still struggling with that even though I’m trying to be more realisitic. I attended a meet up in May where Mandy from Pregnant in Cape Town said something that resounded with me so much! She said..”You are your niche”. Do you know how many doors that opens for you? I can be a parent blogger, a lifestyle blogger, a travel blogger, a beauty blogger and even at times a blogger who talks about junk in my mind. It made the world of difference to the way I think about my blog and what I write and how I come up with content. Hope this helps you too xxx

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