I find myself laughing.  My September goals included, no cheating – not even on Oliver’s birthday and alas, I cheated on Oliver’s birthday.  I suppose we need to be realistic with our goals and allow life to happen.  It isn’t every day that your baby turns THREE, after all.  Banting is a lifestyle and life doesn’t always happen the way we intend.  And you know what – that is okay!

September Goals

  • 13 x Gym workouts
  • 12 x Run-Jog-Walks (enjoy the sweet outdoor smells) –> 10 Runs
  • Focus on the Fat in Low Carb High Fat  –> this is harder than it seems…  More below
  • Document – document – document. (4-30Sep)
  • Progress pics | Measurements | Consistent Weekly Weigh in
  • Submit a whole bunch of UNISA assigns (timeously)
  • No Carb cheats, not even on Oliver’s birthday!  –> Cheated!
  • Take more photos

Kilos, Centimeters & Comments:

Kilos – 2.9kg.  I am happy to maintain a 3kg per month weightloss.  That would imply another 10kg by the end of the year!  Yes please.  So far I have lost a total of 13kg since I started my weight watchers journey in May.  And 8.5kg since I started banting in July.  Not too bad!

I try to measure myself with a measuring tape once a month.  I am definitely no expert, because one measure goes really well and looks good on paper,  the next one doesn’t.  I suppose I should try find some consistency as to when I measure myself – maybe the first day after my period or something along those lines?

Do you measure yourself?  What is your secret to success?

Comments.  No comment.  The cupcake on Oli’s birthday was very sweet.  Not very nice really…

Without further ado.. here is my goals for October.  Better late than never.  Or so they say…

October Goals:

  • 13 Gym work outs
  • 15 x Runs-Jogs  (Up runs if I’m not going to get to the gym on exam /study days)
  • Log food using the Fat Secret App.  *Research ratios for me*
  • Study the Royal backside off!
  • Take the kids to the park x 3 (minimum)
  • Personal errands (see Logan’s OT | Speech Therapist | Doc)
  • 30 Before 30 Goal for the month of October.  Satrix account
  • Celebrate the 15kg weigh-loss milestone (halfway to 30)

Have you done your goals for October?  What are they like ?

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