I’ve been particularly quiet the past 6 months.  And it’s not because I have nothing to say, in fact my head is boiling over with words that need to be said and written.  Words that I need out of my head and out in the open.  The overlapping nature of my story has kept me from writing open and honestly.

Of course that means this blog has been a little like a diary with a lock and key.  Many posts have been published, most of them completely private.  I am okay with that, but let’s be honest – that is not the purpose of a blog.

How do I write my side of the overlapping story?

I am not sure how one go about writing one side of an overlapping story.  I suppose you write the same way you would tell a close friend or relative.  Factually and with the most respect you can muster.

So here goes:

K and I are separated.

  • K have some personal things he needs to sort out and he felt he didn’t have the space or capacity to sort it out with me around.
  • I’ve been angry for a very long time and I didn’t like being angry any more.
  • The negative energy at home was affecting the kids and so moving out was the best solution to a tricky situation.
  • The kids and I moved into a two bedroom place at the end of May.

K has the kids every other weekend and for the most part the kids have settled pretty well.

Think the hardest part of this separation has been coming to terms with what is happening.  The disappointment has been hard, the betrayal has been more than I’ve felt I could handle at times.  It has been tough to love someone and accept them for who they are.  It has been harder to accept the fact that they are not where you want or expect them to be.  It’s more than just failure, it is accepting that you cannot, despite your best efforts make decisions and fight on behalf of another person.

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4 thoughts on “Overlapping story”

  1. I am so sorry that you have to go through something this tough and overwhelming – I deducted something along these lines. Just love – and hope the sun shines brightly soon

  2. I have missed your words and I’m so sorry. As painful as this is, know that you WILL get through this. And that you WILL Rise and Shine. X

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