2014 Plan


My word for 2014 is plan.  Planning doesn’t come naturally to me, I am impulsive, impatience and when I put my mind to something I push.  Generally way too hard and everything tumbles to pieces or I simply end up in a slump where I cannot get myself out of.

Pushing is a good thing, but naturally when it comes to weigh-loss, I need to pace myself.  I need to push myself for much longer without giving up.  I can honestly say I’ve already done a couple of things wrong and learnt a couple of lessons.

  1. I didn’t weigh / measure / took a before image like I said I would.  Need to do it this weekend
  2. I weighed myself on Saturday and learnt I only lost 0.6kg in two weeks
  3. I hit the slump, despite keeping a food diary and counting loads of steps, I only lost 0.6kg compared to what I weighed at the beginning of December (i.e. pre-Christmas, pre-holidays)  I know, pre-Christmas, still :(
  4. I continued exercising / food journaling but I know this week was half-hearted.  Build momentum again, I can do it
  5. I know I didn’t plan our meals the way I want to.  No excuses
  6. I know my behaviour this week was that of an emotional eater, K and I are fighting and it affects me very negatively. Sort it out, if only it was that easy… no excuses
  7. This was a draining week.  Logan started Grade 1 in the Afrikaans school, I have been on my nerves & worrying constantly.  Everything sounds positive, Logan looks happy, so hopefully things will settle over the weekend and in next week.  Pick up and move forward

I know this is a journey.  A tough one that I may fail at often.  Writing it all down, mistakes, failures and hopefully successes and results will make my life easier in the long run.  I know. Now is the time to shine!

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