I am still very new at this thing called running.   I started walking Bruno, the Pitbull twice a week at the beginning of the year.  Around July/August I started incorporating shuffling along with the walking, everything went pretty well until my calves started paining.

So I stopped running and rested my calves as suggested by the experts.  Of course I didn’t (A) apply ice or (B) take care to stretch when I resumed the running.  After a short while I found myself back at square 1, in pain.  So I did what any sensible person would do, I rinsed and repeated with a slight tweak here and there including a new pair of running shoes.

Naturally when I entered the Runner’s World Dog Run competition on Jeannette’s blog I really didn’t think I would win the ticket.  But when I did, I knew I had to bring my A-game.  I was ever so slightly nervous!


Chutney and I won a spot in the #RWDogRun race on the 14th of November. It was the first of its kind, held at Walkhaven in Muldersdrift. Had the weather played along, it would have been a huge success.


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Here is what I learnt on the day:

  1. Preparation is key.  I wasn’t in my best form and I could feel it.  My calves started paining early on in the race.  I slowed down to a walk and run stretches of the race.  I simply pushed through the pain and it was definitely worth it!
  2. Preparation is key. The morning was beautiful with open blue skies.  Not in a million years did I suspect the weather would turn so drastically in the matter of a couple of hours.  From now on I will always have a jacket at hand.  Just in case!
  3. The iPhone 6 plus is way too big for a runner.
  4.  Chutney is an awesome running partner.  She was such a little trooper!
  5. I wish K ran with me.  Kobus would have loved!  I know our kids won’t always be small, so I can’t wait for them to be a bit bigger so we can do runs like these as a family.

We thoroughly enjoyed the morning and hopefully next year the rain will stay at bay! Either way I will be a lot more prepared than I was this year!

Image Source – Runner’s World

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