I have the instinctive need to correct myself when saying ‘September and me’, I mean ‘September and I’.  I suppose that is a sign my education is paying off!  Anyway, Month and Me is something I found on Amber’s blog, Mr Thomas & Me, and I like it, so I am joining in.

September was an interesting month.  I was more emotional than I wanted to be, which lead to a mini-breakdown, which in turn lead to a little shift out of my comfort zone.

loving. blooming flowers and spring in the air
needing. a holiday
relieved. that I have successfully submitted all four UNISA assignments that were due this month
(still) watching. The Blacklist
dreaming. of a yoga retreat in Zanzibar
feeling. a little overwhelmed 
drinking. glass of good red wine 
working on. the lion and the bear

contemplating.  my career and my path

Highlights of September

Capoeira Show

Logan and I participated in a Capoeira show at the Brazilian ambassador’s home to celebrate Brazil’s Independence Day (07 Sep) as well as the opening of the Paralympic games in Rio.

Logan Capoeira

Here’s Logan doing his Capoeira solo in front of 300 high profile and Brazilian officials.  I did one as well and let me tell you, it is scary as hell!


Oliver’s school concert

Years of kiddie concerts have taught me not to get too excited about a school concert for little kids.  Yes, all parents go gaga over their little ones on stage, because they are pretty darn cute, but we are completely bias and that is just fine. That doesn’t mean it has to be the highlight of my month!  Well that is where I was pleasantly surprised!  Oliver never, not once came home doing the concert moves for me, so I had no idea he enjoyed it so much.  He told me which songs he they were going to sing and we counted down the sleeps to the concert – but my expectations were pretty low for the whole affair.

When it was his turn to perform, he did an outstanding job, shaking his little behind and perfecting every little move!  The concentration was evident on his face!  What a proud Momma I am!

Oliver and Chloe school concert

Chloe and Oliver (sometimes Tori and Oliver) – what can I say, he is a sensitive child.

Bethel Music SA Tour

Traffic was a nightmare, the queues for food was disastrous and I was tempted to turn around and go home. AND I am so glad I didn’t.

After all the hassles of making our way to the Voortrekker Monument on a Thursday evening, we took our seats and started worshipping our God with twenty-two thousand other believers.  It was pretty amazing.

Bethel Music SA Tour 2016 | Voortrekker Monument

Image Credit: Princess Mihlai Matanzima-heavy Saliva

Amanda Cook and Jeremy Riddle were brilliant as singers, amazingly talented and in all honesty much better than I thought.  But there vulnerability and boldness in worship blessed me so much, their prophetic voice and just the way they were here with purpose.

Bethel Music SA Tour

Image Credit:  TBN in Africa

Bethel Music SA Tour 2016 | Voortrekker Monument

Image Credit: Shonisani Emmanuel Maalakano

CD Release of an Afrikaans band

I don’t listen to a lot of Afrikaans music, but a was asked to attend with a friend.  I’m not going to mention the band’s name, mainly because I had some mixed emotions.  They are really good, all things considered, but I was a bit disappointed that they were singing with a backtrack and not a live band.


The place is called Weiveld and secretly, I still find it kind of weird.  I mean, I went on Voortrekker camps as a kid and we listened to both English and Afrikaans music!

Birthday Vibes

We celebrated Oliver’s birthday and I am so thankful his day(s) of celebration was filled with joy and laughter and not overly emotional like mine a couple of weeks ago.

Breakaway weekend

The kids and I went away for a weekend with my mom, her friend and my brother.  Bosparadys, is a little fishing spot outside of Magaliesburg, basic accommodation, quiet atmosphere and rest for the soul.

The men caught fish, the boys rode the bicycles and swam and I laid under a big tree and napped.  (best)

the brothers swart

Coming Attractions

October has started with a bang!  For one, I am already involved in the roll out and implementation of projects at work – hence the delay in posting this post.  The kids are having a bit of a break during the school holidays.  We are reviewing a couple of things at home and A21 Walk for Freedom is happening on the 15th of October!

As for the rest, it is time for exam preparations and quality time with the kids.

How’s September been to you?

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