A couple of months ago I had a conversation with a colleague that left me in rage with anger and frustration. I wrote a post about it and called it, ‘Stone the Sexist‘. It was a light-hearted and fun article that voiced the fact that the next generation of women, should not be labeled, disqualified or excluded based on gender.

Stupid conversation

The Stupid Conversation

A couple of weeks after this particular conversation with a colleague, I had another conversation similar in nature with 3 guys in our IT department at work. Of course the nature of the conversation was jokey and fun, but the undertone has been bothering me ever since.

One of the guys said there are 3 types of girls you’d find in an IT department:

  1. Pretty to look at but no brains.
  2. Butch / dyke / gay
  3. Clever enough for the IT department, but ugly as hell.

It was a stupid, stupid conversation that I shouldn’t have entertained, and yet, here I am wondering where I’d be classified.  Truth be told, I would love to be more hands on and involved in our IT infrastructure.  I am completely discouraged after comments like these.

It shouldn’t bother me because I know I don’t fit into any of the above categories. But it bothers me to the point where my confidence diminished when I speak to this guy. It influences my confidence in dealing with any man I find vaguely attractive.  I’ve had enough of it. It is completely absurd!


Steering clear and remembering who I am

I am strong, capable, beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made, creative and innovative, virtuous and my opinions matter.

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