I reacted in anger when a male colleague mentioned that female weren’t technical enough to dominate in an IT environment.

Stone the Sexist

Before you stone the sexist, I should give some background info…

I mentioned that IT would be more efficient if females were working in the department.  I was playing the gender card which suggested that females are better at multitasking then men.  Which isn’t a rule set in stone and definitely does not apply to all men, but generally female are better at (a) multitasking and (b) prioritizing tasks.

My colleague replied saying female aren’t technical enough to succeed.  Now I know I kind of over-reacted, but why?

Quote | Women

Is it because it was too close to home?

I realized as a teenager / young adult I didn’t feel confident working on computers. I went to the UK after school knowing the basics of computers but very little about emails and the web.  If I’m very honest, I was not interested in technology. My head was in the stars, tapping to the sounds of Andrew Lloyd Webber.


My brother on the other hand, not only had the aptitude for technology, he has always been interested.  His little bit of interest versus my complete avoidance meant that my parents never invested the time or effort to upskill me in this particular area.  Having said that and just for clarity’s sake. I wasn’t seen as just a pretty face.  I was strong in math and accounting. Just not so much in science and technology.


Often as parents we label our kids with good intentions. without meaning to.  And I can’t criticize my parents because I turned out to be a well adjusted adult (mostly).

The point I am trying to make, is that we still have the same mentality roaming around in our offices today – again not all over, but decades of mentality has infiltrated the way we think.  And we need to guard against it.  I want to stand against!  If not for myself, because the comment wasn’t aimed at me, for the daughters of our generation.  I’m not sexist.  I stand and honour the women of our generation that has been 10 times stronger and more capable that their male counterparts.  And I vow to not only invest in myself to become better equipped, I vow to invest in the future of young women entering the workforce now.

The brain is not an organ of sex

Screw that, I’ll even be teaching my boys how to multitask!

Are you a female in a male dominated environment?  Ever experienced a conversation like mine?  Tell me about in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Stone the sexist”

  1. I work in a very male orientated business sector and honestly you just do not let it get to you. You always show them you can do better than the next man

  2. I used to work in a company which had 100+ men and 4 women. 2 of those were the tea ladies. One guy, in a meeting, actually asked me how I got to work every day and was straight up shocked and horrified that I drove there myself. I have had people assume that I will take the minutes just because I was the only woman in the room, guys feeling me up at the coffee station (only once because I put him in a choke hold and word got out) and all sorts of similar things. I get a thrill of epic proportions turning situations like that around whenever I can.

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