It is any parent’s desire to equip their kids for a good future – prepared, well trained and strong.  Yet how often do we shield them from reality.  We try to protect them and in the process we fail in our responsibilities as parents.  I believe it is time to raise up a new generation of praying people.  Our kids can no longer be spectators in life, we need to align them with our purpose and vision, we need to teach them how to pray.

No longer spectators


After Oliver’s diagnoses in last year, I was really humbled.  I was forced to draw near to God, He was my last resort, my only hope and comfort.  My relationship made a turn, I was changed.  I wish I could say I’ve gone from strength to strength and I am this new super-woman in Christ, I can’t.  I am still broken.  I still lack the discipline to draw near to God and to spend time in His word.  In many ways I have reverted to my old ways, you know – the pre-cancer ways.

During our struggles in last year, my kids were involved and a part of the process and we had friends and family who walked with us.  But for the most part, my kids were spectators and I say this with a whole lot of respect.  Oliver was sick, he fought for his little life, he was in it, but he was a spectator to what was happening around him.  He didn’t have to draw near and seek God.  He simply placed one foot in front of another and fought for his little life.  Logan, was a part of the commotion.  He prayed for his brother, he helped me around the house but in many ways I shielded him from what was happening and thus for the most part a spectator.

Train up a child


Life has really been typical life lately.  Tough.  Hard.  Filled with trials; meltdowns; sadness;  anger.  Brief moments of sunshine and lots of grace.  Current circumstances aren’t great – finances are tight,  marriage has taken a toll.  There are decisions to be made and goodness knows, I don’t have the strength to make the decisions.  I don’t have the resources, the wisdom or knowledge.  I don’t have the capacity to go through what is required of me.  I don’t have the strength or the moet.

This year is different, the kids are so effected by what is happening at home, that they are forced to be involved.  I am no longer able to shield them, they are no longer spectators.  They are involved.  They are a part of the process.  They have a part to play in praying for the solution.  In some ways it sounds unfair!  Cruel even. But the sooner I equip my kids to deal with life and to draw near to God in the tough times, the better.  And what better way than learning in the ‘live environment’ – along side mom, while in a protected environment.

Teaching your kids how to pray and how to pray effectively is probably the most important part of parenting.

It is really sad how we tend to draw near when we need it.  On our terms.  Thankfully our God is gracious and He know we are weak in our nature.  I will say this – tough times suck, but equipping my kids for their future is a privilege that I am immensely grateful for.

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