Yet, how often do we actually choose?  Often times I feel enslaved by circumstance, budget, culture, expectation and responsibility.  I don’t feel the freedom I long for.

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art or folk dance, played by African slaves in Brazil.  The word “slave” always fascinated me.  Possibly because I don’t want to associate myself with slavery but probably because in so many ways I feel like one.

Capoeira World explains what Capoeira is as follows:

Capoeira is a martial art that combines elements of fight, acrobatics, music, dance and rituals in a very elegant and magnetic way. Performed by two people, it is often called a “game” that is played, not a fight. Capoeira is always played with a smile on face symbolizing that the capoeiristas are not afraid from the danger that is coming.
The uniqueness of Capoeira will give your body physical strength, power and flexibility and your mind self-confidence, concentration, courage and creativity.  I’ve heard many people say that Capoeira is one of the best things that happened in their life. However, the only way to truly understand the magnetism of Capoeira is to see it and try it yourself.

Capoeira is always played a smile – it is the first thing I noticed when I watched my first game.  The music and song, makes it a celebration instead of a fight.  The atmosphere is light and inviting.  You become a family.

I really don’t fit the “martial art” / “Capoeira” mold and yet, I have been accepted.  With my limitations I am being pushed outside of my comfort zone.  I am being challenged and I love it.  I feel energised and excited when I walk out of a class, often times, singing!

In the past couple of weeks, I have been dwelling on these thoughts and I have come to a conclusion:  Capoeira is not about helpless slaves wasting around with games.  Capoeira is a choice.  Capoeira is empowering oneself to be strong, capable and free.  And LIFE is a lot like Capoeira, you get to choose whether a circumstance will get you down.  Or you can rise to the occasion, learn through the challenge and develop some skills you never thought you had.

I choose Capoeira, as a sport and hobby.

I choose freedom as a way of life.

No longer a Slave.  I am free.  I choose to be free.

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