What a powerful statement!  It inspires me to know that we are in charge of our mindset!  And it makes the journey towards better health (wealth and weight loss) a little more tangible.

A couple of months ago, I designed a little flyer for me.  I needed a way to stay focussed.  The flyer really is a way for me to summarise my goals and helps me focus my energy on what I hope to achieve for the month.

Ever since the first flyer I have kept designing these, specific to my needs.  Here is this month’s flyer.  And for the very first time, I will make it available for other likeminded people.

We are the directors of our own mindset [free printable]


October Goals


Here are a little list of items I have include:

A quote & a scripture

A little something to read and remember.  Words carry life.  Lets speak these healing words.  Let look for the positives instead of focussing on the negatives?


Ever since my Weight Watchers days I have measured my limbs.  I find it inspirational to see the change in measurable ways.

Pyramid Goals

I read about the pyramid goal structure on some fitness blog.  I love the idea of a hierarchy, but it might just be because of my love for Maslow and his hierarchy of needs.  For some reason it helps me visualise where I am going and how I am plan to get there.  Goals are broken up into bite-size chunks.

I have included a blank pyramid goal struct in the printable.  Mine looks something like this.

Pyramid Goals

Goals for October

My goals specific for this month is to sleep more, walk more and relax more.  The end of year madness is here and I feel the need to take some time to slow down the craziness of life.

Download the printable by clicking here

Are you the director of your mindset?  Tell me what you do to track your goals and progress?

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2 thoughts on “We are Directors of our own mindset * printable *”

  1. Oh, I love goals so I love seeing goals posts, Alet :)

    I do goals every month (and year) and split those into weekly goals too. See my blog… you’ll like it. I don’t share everything obviously but it is a good 70 – 80% of what goes on.

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