I started banting in June last year.  I had so much success with banting and by the end of the year I had lost a total of 17kg.

I was on a roll and nothing and no-one could stop me. Or so I thought

2015 started with a bang and I honestly thought I would reach my goal of loosing 30kg by the time I was 30.  It didn’t happen!  Unfortunately I am left to face the harsh reality that sometimes Banting is hard!

Remove carbs, remove sugar, add fat and eat when hungry.  Easy!

Banting isn’t hard – I know it isn’t.  I know it works, for me.  So why am I finding it so difficult to lose weight?  Why can’t I stick to it and what is keeping me from becoming who I really want to be?  The only thing I could think of, was to come up with a list of reasons why banting isn’t as easy as it has always been.  It is going to be unending and I am hoping I will get some input along the way.  Because maybe, just maybe I can crack it again and find my groove!

Why Banting is hard and how to fix it!

A cheat day weekend every two to three weeks

This is a big one for me.  Because every 2-3 weeks something happened that pushes me off course and as much as I know I should get over it and carry on.  I battle to forgive myself and I spiral into a big hole of bad eating..

Fix:  Focus on getting to 3 weeks of full on, no cheating banting and extend my goal week by week.  I’ll need to make it a little game for myself.  I managed  3 weeks in September, in October my aim will be four week.  Perhaps I should include a reward that isn’t a food related – a full body massage or a guilty free morning at the cinema?  

New “start date”

After eating badly for a couple of days, I refocus and set a new “start date”.  I managed to do this successfully, but only after eating the full content of my pantry – i.e.  the kids’ stash of refined sugars and carbohydrates – in preparation of the new “start date”.


Perfect end to a long weekend. And tomorrow it is back to basics #notlchf

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The new “start date” goes hand in hand with a trip to the local ice cream shop, because I won’t be able to have ice cream once I’m Banting again.  Sounds familiar?  I shamefully admit – I did just that a couple of days ago.

Fix:  Don’t stop ??  No “new” start days.  Fall down and get back up, without hesitation?

Little cheats – the orange list

Little cheats for me are the orange list as Dr Tim Noakes refers to it.  It is the list of food items that contains between 6g and 25g of carbs per 100g I’d like to think of them as the triggers, because one thing generally leads to another and before you know it, you eat a single item from the red list and BOOM, you’re back to square one.

Fix:  No more orange list for me.  At least until I get to my goal weight.

Extremes – Intermittent fasting, ketosis, paleo…

I tend to go into a slump when the scale doesn’t want to show my improvements.  This is when I feel like (and sometimes go) completely overboard.

  • I have tried intermittent fasting as a way to ready optimal ketosis.  My downfall was that I tried it when I wasn’t completed fat adapted.  In other words, I tried it after a week’s worth of Banting.
  • I have considered removing all dairy from my diet, this would essentially change my Banting lifestyle to more of a paleo lifestyle.  I haven’t quite gone this far, my coffee (with milk or cream) addiction wouldn’t allow it.  I have removed all yogurt from my diet.

Fix:  Get to 4 weeks full on (no cheating) Banting and then implement one of the above tactics if I feel there is no improvement.  Or give myself a break from overboard and just enjoy the Banting lifestyle for what it is?

Portion size

Since my first Capoeira class, I have been very slack on this one.  During my first class I felt so dizzy that I actually needed to sit down for a couple of minutes before I could continue.  I need to find a balance here.  Balance has never been a strength, I am more of a black and white girl.

Fix:  Try eating more eggs and fat on Capoeira days in order to have extra energy.  


I am so over eggs even though I know eggs are super human food when it comes to Banting.  I don’t eat liver.  I don’t eat tripe.  I can’t really cut out the one super food that I can stomach, can I?

Fix:  I do did will continue to eat eggs in the future


I know I am not the only person struggling with this very easy way of living!  Give me your secrets?

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7 thoughts on “When banting is hard…”

  1. I have no secrets! I also lost 16kgs last year and this year seems so hard! I just can’t get myself motivated. I bant for two weeks and loose and then fall off the wagon for another two and put it all back on.

    1. I think you and I have the same problem Sian – “backsliding” after two weeks is not ideal! Maybe we should try and motivate each other? 10/11 weeks until Christmas – do you think we can do it?

  2. Sadly, I have no secrets and like you I find banting very difficult at times.

    I get obsessed with cake. I must have cake. Ugh.

    I hope from super motivated to somebody shoot me please

  3. I tried Banting for a while and then gave up. I don’t need to lose weight though, I was just trying to support hubby. I am just trying to eat healthy now – most of the time, anyway! I can feel it when I eat the wrong foods.

    1. How is the banting for your husband – Kobus found it pretty easy.
      I am really hoping I can lose the weight I want to and find a type of balance.

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